Difference between General and Watercooler categories?

There seems to be 2 categories: Watercooler, and General. Both seem to be similar in topics, and I was wondering which category should be used for what.

I’d suggest making clear what the General category should be used for, as there’s very little about that category itself right now.

I personally see a difference, but it’s subtle and I’m not sure how to communicate it well. In essence, General is for sanctioned on-topic and moderated discussions that don’t fit into the other categories, but which are still clearly aligned with the core mission of this forum. Watercooler is lighter, more social, still FOSS-adjacent but not necessarily enforced to be closely kept on-topic.

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I put in some clarifications to the description of the General category; see the pinned post. Is that better?

Now it looks much clearer. Thanks!

I think the name Watercooler may seem a bit confusing.