Free software adjacent user groups?

Does anyone participate in a local user group? Would it make sense for your group to start a thread here?

I participate in a university-local Linux users group, but given the small size of the group, I don’t think that starting a thread here would be useful. I will do my best to convince others to join, however. If more than two others join, I think that a thread would be useful. Otherwise, a thread for the group may be useless.

I’m the founder of the Freedom Respecting Technology Initiative you may want to check out if you haven’t already. It’s a stricter vision for FOSS which believes that the ability to fully study a system offline is crucial to properly exercising Freedom 1 as well as Freedoms 0, 2, and 3 which depend on properly exercising Freedom 1. At the FRTI we believe FOSS should be for Everyone not just Well Off People With Reliable Internet Access.

See Freedom Respecting Technology: the Next Generation of Open Source, Free Software, Open Knowledge, Open Culture, and Technological Freedom for more info.

In Holland, there is a NLUUG :

They have conferences twice a year, recordings & slides are archived & available.

(I was speaking there a few times, that’s the amount of my involvement).

I can try to find answers to any follow-up questions through my contacts there.