Games that are free software

It’s hard to find games that are free software (as in freedom yada yada), so I think we should make a list. I sadly just know of a few.


GPLv3, it’s a voxel game made in Rust with WGPU, it’s like a successor to Cube World, entirely community made! It’s a super cool project.


GPLv3, it’s more of an engine than a game, but the official games made for it recreate classics like Command and Conquer: Red Alert and Dune 2000. It’s made with C# and OpenGL.


Repo says it’s MIT, but I’m not sure if there’s any extra restrictions. It’s a super popular set of rythm games. This is the code for the new client, the old one is proprietary. It’s made with C# and it’s own engine based on OpenGL.


The original 1993 DOOM is GPLv2! It’s the reason we have many cool ports and mods. It’s made in C with an awesome software rasterizer.



A space sim which lets you explore the solar system with realistic physics.


LGPL. An extensible voxel sandbox game with lots of mods and gamemodes to choose from.

Endless Sky

GPL-3.0. A space trading and combat game with a good amount of depth.

Battle for Wesnoth

GPL-2.0. A turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting.

All of these games can be scripted with Lua or other languages.


How about nethack? Old school :slight_smile:



GPL3+ arena shooter inspired by quake but with more modern graphics

Armagetron Advanced

GPL, A multiplayer gpl 3d tron game


Small reminder:

We have been a community for promoting Free Software Game development since nearly 20 years.

Especially see also our Planet:

We also run our own modern IRC network these days.


Also don’t miss:



a tower defense and rts game, gpl-3.0
i have it on my phone and it’s great to kill time when waiting for something


Big fan of the bsd-games package, especially:


atc lets you try your hand at the nerve wracking duties of the air traffic controller without endangering the lives of millions of travelers each year. Your responsibilities require you to direct the flight of jets and prop planes into and out of the flight arena and airports.

Honestly the most intense game I’ve ever played.


I didn’t know this existed! That’s awesome, thanks a lot for showing this!

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Throwing in some classics as well:


SuperTux is a jump’n’run game with strong inspiration from the Super Mario Bros. games for the various Nintendo platforms. Run and jump through multiple worlds, fighting off enemies by jumping on them, bumping them from below or tossing objects at them, grabbing power-ups and other stuff on the way.


SuperTuxKart is a free kart racing game. It focuses on fun and not on realistic kart physics. Instructions can be found on the in-game help page.

Warsow (source code)

Set in a futuristic cartoonish world, Warsow is a completely free fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) for Windows, Linux and macOS.


Going over the ones I have installed on my laptop right now and would recommend:


Touhou fangame, part of the bullet hell genre.


Multiplayer 2D shooter, pretty fun to play with friends in a quick lan.


I’d guess most people know about it, yet aren’t aware of it being MIT-licensed and a pretty small HTML5 game.

Me and My Shadow

Puzzle game where you control a player and it’s shadow, pretty good artstyle.


A game engine reimplementation for Diablo 1, including multiplayer support.

EasyRPG Player

Game engine for RPG Maker 2000/2003 games.

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Is it acceptable to shill one’s own “game”? (perhaps more of a proof of concept, with a play time of about 10-15 minutes, but free software nevertheless)

Sure, if it’s playable, go for it! If you want more feedback, I’d put it in the “Member Projects” tag in the watercooler category though.

It absolutely is! It might be short, a bit weird, a bit experimental, but it is playable and complete.

The Tragedy of Byr

A short story of friendship, of loss, of purpose, of life. From the point of view of an URL shortener.

Nah, the game itself is complete. It’s a proof of concept in a sense that I wanted to see if the approach I had in mind is something I can implement, and if I’d enjoy playing it through. (I did)


Are we including free engine reimplementations for proprietary games that require the proprietary game data to run and games published with free source code but proprietary assets in this thread?

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Yes, I’d say so! As long as the code is free.

Well then


Kandria is a 2D action RPG with platformer elements, published last year. The source code is zlib-licensed and available on github. It’s written in Common Lisp and its developers have contributed a lot to the CL ecosystem over the past few years including the game engine used for this game. To play you need to buy the game to get the assets.


OpenMW is a complete re-implementation of TESIII:Morrowinds engine licensed under GPLv3. It works great and comes with a Lua API, the project is currently working on migrating a bunch of the game logic from the C++ Code to Lua. Needs the (proprietary) game files to play.


GPLv2 re-implementation of the Transport Tycoon Deluxe engine. There’s a free graphics set available so it can be played without the original game.


GPLv3 licensed re-implementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2. Needs the proprietary game files.

Honorable mentions

OpenAge is a GPLv3 licensed re-implementation of the Age of Empire II engine, but not in a playable state yet.

OpenSAGE is a LGPLv3 licensed re-implementation of SAGE, the 3D real-time strategy engine used in Command & Conquer™: Generals and other RTS titles from EA Pacific but not in a playable state yet.

fallout2-ce which is a re-implementation of Fallout 2s engine licensed under the Sustainable Use License, which has a provision against commercial distribution and is thus not technically a free license, but I’m not sure if that makes a difference in any realistic scenario compared to the other mentioned projects.

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ClassiCube - Custom Minecraft Classic / ClassiCube client written in C from scratch. Great for crusty old computers that can’t run Minecraft or Minetest.

The Mirror - open source “Roblox alternative”.

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Not all of them are free software, but the game engine is:

Wow, quite forgot about Minecraft Classic, as in the pure-creative mode one you’d typically play in the browser (java applet) and would run on pretty much any computer even back then. Nice to see a reimplementation of it that works on even more computers!