Opportunities for student internships / co-ops?

Hello all,

I’m creating this thread because I wanted to know more about the opportunities for student internships/ co-ops in the FOSS world or for companies that primarily work on FOSS.

I’m talking about real, paid internships and co-ops for full-time work on software development and the like.

One program I am aware of is the Software Freedom Conservancy’s Outreachy initiative. Does anyone here know of (or represent!) any other programs or companies like this?

(I myself am a third-year Computer Science student interested in a summer co-op, with particular experience in C/C++ and Linux-based embedded development. Feel free to DM me with anything personal :slightly_smiling_face: but let’s keep the thread general.)


Other similar programs I heard of are Igalia’s Coding Experience and Google’s Summer of Code