Post categories for WFS

How satisfied are we with the current set of categories for posting? Should we add a few more, or organize them differently?

Some other possible categories:

  • News: discussions about free software news, such as new releases of free software projects
  • Solidarity/Politics/etc: discussions about other political struggles for liberation and opportunities for intersectionality with free software
  • Others?

Please share your thoughts.


The News section can be very interesting, and is a great way to stay informed !
For the Politic one, I don’t know. Sure, it can be very interesting, but I think this will surely bring some inappropriate behaviour and conflicts. It may need specific moderation rules for this one.

A “personal projects” section might be interesting ! Where users and developpers could present their own FOSS projects (and collect feedbacks or advice) !

Indeed, and it is a good way to keep people coming back. I think it will ultimately need more moderation than it seems at the surface, though!

Yeah, for sure. I’m working on putting together a moderation team and will put this idea on hold until then at least.

The watercooler is supposed to be the right place for this kind of thing, but I think I’ll add an explicit subcategory for it to make it clearer. +1


For politics, how about putting a philosophical-ideological emphasis?
Maybe this could hint participants towards more abstract discussions focusing on well formed arguments rather than unproductive us-them debates?


We have a News category now, and just in time for a certain project to make a newsworthy blunder!